books for modern, reluctant readers

Parents and grandparents, let's face it.

It’s almost impossible to get some kids to read these days thanks to fierce competition from apps, social media, and video games.

But we have a solution! Really, we do!

We understand modern kids, because we’re not much older than them!

We infuse our stories with youthful energy, and draw inspiration from world renowned psychologist Dr. Csikszentmihalyi too.

Photo of two young children in a school sharing a book.
Photo of three young Hispanic children in front of their school.

Minority owned & operated

We know all about the unique challenges that minorities face.

That’s why we put a great emphasis on giving back to disadvantaged communities for social and educational advancement.

educational content

We’re educators first, publishers second.
Inside this page, you’ll find thoroughly-researched, engaging content focused on practical things that matter for you and your kids.
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